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Check up and cleanings

Routine dental cleaning is important to maintain good oral health. During your visit, we take x-ray of your mouth to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and without any cause for concern.
Specialized tools will be used to comfortably clean deep into the teeth and gums to
remove tartar and build up. We also offer fluoride treatment to prevent cavities.
During your exam appointment, the dentist will also confirm there are no signs or
symptoms of oral cancer. Any noticeable abnormalities in the tongue, gum, floor of the mouth, cheek or surrounding areas will be noted down and referral made for proper care. When oral cancer is diagnosed in it’s earliest stages, treatment is very effective.
We recommend a dental cleaning appointment every six months.
Gum disease is caused when bacteria grow and spread into the gums. It happens when tartar develops near the gum line and over time these bacteria cause inflammation in the gum and teeth. Without treatment there is high chance of tissue damage, gum recession and tooth loss. Preventing gum disease with regular brushing and flossing is the best approach. Once an infection occurs, it is essential to receive treatment from a qualified periodontist. The common symptoms include bleeding gums, receding gum line, bad breath, swollen gums, loose teeth etc.

Root Canal Treatments

If you are experiencing severe throbbing pain or pain when biting, it might be an indication that the tooth has a deep cavity which has caused infection in the nerve. At this stage a root canal treatment is needed to get you out of pain. The procedure involves cleaning and removing the damaged area of the tooth, disinfecting it and filling the root with a biocompatible material and then sealing it off with a permanent filling and crown.


Invisalign is a teeth straightening method that uses clear and durable thermoplastic aligners. They are custom made based on a 3D scan of your teeth and fit teeth very well. They guide your teeth into proper positioning based on a treatment plan created for your specific needs. Many patients both old and young are opting for this new method of teeth straightening.


  • Practically invisible
  • Are removable thereby making it easier to brush, floss and receive regular dental cleanings without obstruction
  • No tightening appointments – however, you will still need to visit your dentist a few times to make sure the teeth are getting aligned as planned
  • No food restrictions
Emergency Dentistry

If you are suffering from a chipped, broken or knocked out tooth, you need to seek immediate care to prevent permanent damage or loss of the tooth.
Greens Dental Clinic can help you with the following dental emergencies:

  • tooth ache/abscessed tooth
  • chipped/broken/loose tooth
  • bleeding
  • lost filling
  • broken retainers/broken dentures
  • swelling/gum abscess
Dental Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a cap used to give some stability to a fractured or cracked tooth or a tooth that is susceptible to cracking due to root canal therapy. It is also used to improve the appearance of a tooth (such as a severely discoloured tooth).

Dental bridges are a type of fixed treatment option for patients who are missing one or more teeth. The dentist will either take an impression or do a dental scanning of your teeth to create the best replacement for the missing teeth.


  • Partial Dentures – these are a removable option to replace several missing teeth. They are custom made to fit a patients mouth and fitted to the gum line. They have to be removed before sleep.
  • Full Dentures – they completely replace all of a patients natural teeth. Just like partial dentures, they are easy to remove. They can be held in place by using a denture adhesive in case the retention is compromised due to poor bone height.
  • Immediate Dentures – this is the type of denture you can receive as soon as your natural teeth have been taken out. As your gums and bones heal, adjustments like relines may be necessary. With these dentures, you don’t have to be without teeth even for a short period of time.
Denture Repairs

At Greens Dental Clinic we offer denture repair and relines. Relining can improve the fit of your denture and save you the cost of having to purchase new ones. Common reasons for denture repair include wear and tear, progressive bone loss and accidental breakage

Pediatric Dentistry

Children have unique dental needs and we provide effective treatment in a friendly and comfortable environment that helps alleviate any anxiety about dental visits.

  • Sealants and Fluoride treatment
    • Sealants are a safe and effective way to prevent cavities. They are placed into the deep grooves of the tooth thereby sealing the tooth. Fluoride strengthens the teeth thereby preventing cavities.
  • Space maintainers
    • These are appliances used to manage the spaces left by premature tooth loss. They prevent future crowding and ensure that the adult teeth erupt into the designated space. Space maintainers vary to suit for specific needs.
  • Stainless steel crowns
    • Stainless steel crowns are used for teeth with large areas of decay, multiple cavities or extensive lesions.
Teeth Whitening

With time your teeth can get stained from consumption of coffee, wine, tea and use of tobacco products. We offer solutions to these problems by offering a custom made whitening tray to use at the comfort of your home.

Peroxide bleaching in custom filled trays is the fastest and most painless method known for teeth whitening. Results will depend on the length of time you wear the custom trays each day and the number of weeks you combine the treatment.

Night guards/ sports guards

Protecting your teeth when playing sports is essential to prevent injury to the teeth. We offer custom made mouth guards to help protect the teeth from trauma.

Night guards are appliances used to prevent damage to the teeth from night time grinding. A custom fitted night guard offers the advantage of increased comfort, better protection and better fit. Overtime mouth guards and night guards tend to wear off and should be replaced.

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