Greens Dental Clinic in East Regina

Our goals

From dentists and dental assistants to office staff, we show that the best customer experience comes from a genuine care and concern. Our goal is to ensure every appointment is comfortable, relieve any discomfort and give you the smile you’ve always wanted! 

Located in the Greens of Regina, we are excited to serve and give back to the community by providing quality dental care, and restoring one smile at a time.

Our main goal is to prioritize prevention over treatment. We look forward to educating our clients and instilling healthy habits that can be taught and passed down to your little ones and the ones you care about! .

Greens Dental Clinic in East Regina - Dr.Tess John - Dental Doctor - Jaden - Dental Assistant - Kids and children friendly

Our office is equipped with state of the art HEPA AIR FILTRATION for patient safety and we provide safe quality water for your dental procedure by the use of DENTAPURE WATER FILTRATION devices.

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